ASE A5 Brakes Practice Test

21. The front brakes of a vehicle with a front disc rear drum brake system skid when the brakes are first applied. Which of these is causing this skid condition.

  • A. Proportioning valve.
  • B. Metering valve.
  • C. Pressure differential switch.
  • D. Contaminated brake fluid.


Answer A is wrong. A height sensing proportioning valve controls pressure to the rear brakes. It's used to prevent rear wheel lock up.

Answer B is correct. The metering valve delays hydraulic pressure to the front brakes and gives the system a chance to overcome rear drum spring tension. The metering valve helps achieve balanced braking.

Answer C is wrong. The pressure differential switch warns the driver of a possible hydraulic leak in the system.

Answer D is wrong. Contaminated brake fluid would affect both front and rear brakes.

22. A vehicle's brake lights are completely inoperative. Technician A says the brake light switch may be stuck closed. Technician B says the circuit may have shorted and blown a fuse. Who is correct?

  • A. Technician A
  • B. Technician B
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. Neither A or B


Answer A is wrong. A closed brake switch would leave the brake lights on not off.

Answer B is correct. If both brake lights are out, start troubleshooting with a quick check of the circuits fuse.

Answer C is wrong. Technician B is correct.

Answer D is wrong. Technician B is correct.

23. An integral drum parking brake system is being discussed. Technician A says a binding cable will prevent parking brake application. Technician B says this system contains a brake strut. Who is correct?

  • A. Technician A
  • B. Technician B
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. Neither A or B


Answer A is wrong. These are mechanically operated systems. A binding or misadjusted parking brake cable will effect parking brake performance.

Answer B is wrong. The brake strut is part of the integral drum parking brake system.

Answer C is correct. Both technicians are correct.

Answer D is wrong. Both technicians are correct.

24. Two technicians are discussing electric parking brake systems. Technician A says these systems require many manual adjustments. Technician B says a special procedure must be followed before replacing the brake pads. Who is correct?

  • A. Technician A
  • B. Technician B
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. Neither A or B


Answer A is wrong. Parking brakes that use cables that can stretch require periodic checks and adjustments. Most electric parking brakes are fastened to the brake caliper and have no cables to adjust.

Answer B is correct. Most electric parking brakes require a manufacturer specific procedure to retract the piston back into its bore before the brake pads can be replaced.

Answer C is wrong. Technician B correct.

Answer D is wrong. Technician B correct.

25. A technician is measuring the inside diameter of a brake drum with a brake drum micrometer. The technician should use which of the following measurements.

  • A. The smallest measurement.
  • B. A brake drum tool is not used.
  • C. The average of all the measurements.
  • D. The largest measurement.


Answer A is wrong. When measuring the inside of a brake drum the largest not the smallest measurement is used.

Answer B is wrong. A brake drum inside micrometer is used to take this measurement.

Answer C is wrong. It is not the average, it's the largest because the inside wears making the inside diameter larger.

Answer D is correct. The largest measurement is used.