Effective Study Tips

Beginning your ASE test preparation early pays off big on test day. This helps from being over burdened as the day approaches. Remember a slow but steady study routine wins the race.

Don't cram, break up your study time into smaller segments.

It's not good to cram. It’s easier to digest information in chunks rather than in one long session. Instead of cramming in information for 12 hours straight, it’s better to break that up into 24 half hour or 12 one hour sessions.

Memory Tips

Did you know that people are more likely to remember something if they take notes or that most people learn visually. This is why FreeASEStudyGuides.com contains so many illustrations and examples.

By taking notes and changing difficult terms into their own words, the test taker is more likely to remember the task or topic when test day comes around.

Some note takers mouth their words verbally, including speech and the sense of hearing. The more senses involved; the more likely they are to remember. People remember things better if they are expected to teach another what they’ve learned. Build an outline and paraphrase difficult theories and terms into your own words, as if you had to instruct someone else.

Study Time

While some technicians take all of these tests at once, they are few and far in between. It often makes sense to take them in pairs. For Example: Engine Repair and Engine Performance or Manual Drivetrain and Axles and Automatic Transmission. Sometimes you'll see the same type of questions on both tests. It's up to you, the test taker to make these decisions as only you know how much you can handle at this time. These tests have a different format than most and if each question is not read carefully, its easy to make a simple mistake. Read more about ASE test question format here.