ASE A5 Brakes Quiz

1. A hydro-boost brake system has reduced braking performance. Technician A says to check the power steering system. Technician B says to check the vacuum check valve. Who is correct?
2. A vehicle with power assisted brakes has a hard brake pedal. Which of the following is LEAST likely to cause this condition.
3. A vehicle pulls to the left only when the brakes are applied. This condition is MOST likely caused by:
4. Technician A says accumulators are found only on non-integral ABS systems. Technician B says some integral ABS units contain high pressure accumulators that must be discharged before repair. Who is correct?
5. Technician A says ABS control units are programmed to ignore speed sensor input variations below a certain threshold. Technician B says a one-channel ABS system controls hydraulic pressure to the rear brake units. Who is correct?
6. A vehicle's right front wheel has a growl that increases with vehicle speed. The MOST likely cause is:
7. Two technicians are discussing master cylinder residual check valves. Technician A says the check valve is used on four wheel disc brake systems. Technician B says the valve maintains pressure when the brakes are released. Who is correct?
8. The brake pad wear indicator light is illuminated on the instrument panel. Technician A says this is because the brake pads have become contaminated. Technician B says this is the pad wear sensor contacting the brake rotor. Who is correct?
9. A vehicle with ABS anti-lock brakes has an audible clicking noise when it is first started. The noise goes away after a few seconds. Technician A says this is one of the hydraulic valves in the hydraulic valve assembly sticking. Technician B says this is a normal condition. Who is correct?
10. The rear wheels of a vehicle are locking up only when the brakes are applied. This is caused by a faulty:
11. Which of the following brake fluids are silicone based.
12. A vehicle stops but the brake pedal fades completely to the floorboard afterwards. There are no external leaks. Which of these is the MOST likely cause of this condition.
13. Two technicians are inspecting a brake drum for wear. Technician A says if the brake drum has small cracks along it's inside lining it should be replaced. Technician B says if a brake drum has minor pitting along it's inside lining it may be resurfaced. Who is correct?
14. The brake shoes on the rear of a vehicle are worn and must be replaced. Technician A says the primary shoe faces the front of the vehicle. Technician B says the lining of the primary shoe must be riveted to the shoe plate. Who is correct?
15. Technician A says double flare copper tubing is used for brake lines. Technician B says single flare steel tubing is used for brake lines. Who is correct?
16. The left front brake of a four wheel disc brake system is dragging. Which of these is LEAST likely to cause this condition?
17. A vibration is felt in the steering wheel only while braking. Technician A says excessive lateral runout on the front rotors will result in this condition. Technician B says to use a dial indicator to check lateral runout. Who is correct?
Digital Micrometer

The reading on the metric micrometer above is:

19. Technician A says to use the original brass washer when installing a new flexible brake hose. Technician B says to use a compression fitting to repair a small leak in a stainless steel brake line. Who is correct?
20. A three-function combination valve has all of these EXCEPT a:
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