ASE A6 Electrical Electronics Practice Test

Starter voltage drop test.

6. An engine's starter is cranking slowly. The battery has passed all testing, and the ignition has been disabled for a starter voltage drop test. While cranking the engine, the voltage readings at the battery and starter both indicate 10.03 volts. Technician A says these test results indicate a bad starter. Technician B says there is too much resistance in the positive battery cable. Who is correct?

  • A. Technician A
  • B. Technician B
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. Neither A or B
Starter Voltage Drop Test


Answer A is correct. Though the starter motor (the load) consumes all the voltage, internal problems like resistance, worn brushes, and bad bushings are causing it to turn slowly.

Answer B is wrong. If the battery and starter voltage readings differ, check the terminals, cables, and connections for resistance.

Answer C is wrong. The starter, not the cables and connections, should consume the circuit voltage. If the readings are the same, the starter is faulty.

Answer D is wrong. Click the Read More... button for more on voltage drop testing.