ASE A6 Electrical Practice Test

Glove box lamp circuit.

24. The lamp in the glove box does not operate. The test light is illuminated at point C with the glove box open and the switch closed. The inoperative lamp is caused by:

  • A. A burned bulb filament.
  • B. An open between the switch and the ground.
  • C. High resistance at point B of the circuit.
  • D. A short to ground at point D of the circuit.
Glove box lamp circuit.


Answer A is wrong. A burned bulb in a series circuit will create an open, blocking the flow of electricity. The test light would not illuminate with a burned bulb in the circuit.

Answer B is correct. A loose or open ground circuit will prevent glove box lamp illumination.

Answer C is wrong. If there were resistance at point B the test light would likely light dimly. An open in the circuit will result in no operation.

Answer D is wrong. A short to ground at point D would be redundant to the ground provided by the actual circuit.