A/C: UV Refrigerant Leak Detection

UV Leak Detection Light

Hard-to-find leaks can often be detected with a UV leak detection kit. They contain dye, a UV light, and a pair of yellow glasses that increase the intensity of the leaking dye.

A/C: UV Refrigerant Leak Detection

The dye used in these kits is not interchangeable between refrigerants. Red dye is used to detect leaks in R-12 systems. This dye cannot be used in R-134a refrigerant systems and must be completely flushed out during a retrofit. Some dyes are used to detect leaks in the coolant system as well.

Refrigerant leak detector.

Use a halogen/refrigerant leak detection sensor or UV leak detection light at the drip tube and vents to seek any refrigerant leaking from the evaporator core. This procedure will help verify a leaking evaporator core.