ASE A7 Heating Air Conditioning Practice Test

AC climate control network.

5. All of the following are true about the air temperature blend door in the circuit illustrated above EXCEPT:

  • A. It has a microchip and logic.
  • B. It operates on CAN Class A network.
  • C. It is connected to the CAN bus.
  • D. It operates on the CAN protocol.
AC climate control network.


Answer A is wrong. Each motor has a unique ID. An actuator with a lower ID has priority over an actuator with a higher ID.

Answer B is correct. There are three speeds. Class A is the slowest. The climate control network is typically on a Class B network with up to 125 Kbps. Class C is the fastest for engine, transmission, and smart sensors.

Answer C is wrong. The CAN bus is a high-speed two-wire (CAN HI and CAN LO) network that allows for communication and sharing of information between ECUs.

Answer D is wrong. Vehicles manufactured in 2008 and up contain networks that operate on the CAN protocol.