Tie Rod Adjustment

Tie Rod Sleeves: Tie rod sleeves are commonly used to adjust the toe on parallelogram type steering systems. They are located between the inner and outer tie rod ends. Apply a little penetrating oil to the clamps and adjusting sleeve before loosening. Use a sleeve rotating tool to rotate the sleeve without damage. One tie rod has left hand threads while the other has right hand threads. Turning the sleeve will either lengthen or shorten the tie rod. Place the clamps facing away from any contact with the oil pan, frame, or anything on the underside of the vehicle.

Tie rod adjustments

Inner Tie Rod: The inner tie rod is rotated to adjust toe on most rack and pinion systems. Loosen the tie rod lock nut, and then the clamp holding the bellows boot to the tie rod. Rotate the inner tie rod to adjust toe. Split the total toe between the two sides. A few rack and pinion systems incorporate a sleeve with a hex bolt that may be rotated to adjust toe, similar to a tie rod sleeve.