Stabilizer Bars

Sway bar location.

Stabilizer, sway, and anti-roll bars reduce body lean. They keep the vehicle's body flat on the road surface during turns. It consists of a torsion bar, bushings, and two sets of end links (links and bushings).

They reduce body roll by connecting both control arms at the end links. As the vehicle turns, the sway bar transfers weight to the outside tires, helping to prevent body sway. While a vehicle travels in a straight line, the sway bar does not affect the ride.

Stabilizer Bar Bushings and Links

Sway bar components.

The sway bar rarely breaks or becomes damaged, but the bushings that hold it to the frame and control arms do. Like all rubber bushings, they wear in time and swell from hot engine oil. They start to make creaking sounds while cornering.

Sometimes, the end links become loose or damaged. A loose stabilizer bar or worn bushings result in increased sway while cornering. A good visual inspection of the suspension, sway bar, and control arms is needed if the vehicle makes noise while turning a corner.