Unable to Balance the Tire

Wheel Balancer

Balancing the tire to the rim improves tire wear and provides a smooth ride. Even weight distribution keeps the wheels from wobbling and vibrating with vehicle speed.

Unable to balance tire.

When balancing a wheel, it is important to recheck it after the first attempt. Double-checking is always best. Also, something can be inside the tire, such as liquid flat repair, debris, or excessive liquid from an air compressor. The liquid settles in different locations each time the tire stops.

TPMS Sensors

TPMS sensors

Vehicles with TPMS tire pressure monitoring systems have TPMS sensors in the wheels that monitor the tire air pressure. These systems are in vehicles manufactured after 1998. Sometimes, liquid in a tire can damage these sensitive sensors.

The TPMS controller receives the signal from each sensor.

If the sensing port in the sensor becomes clogged, the controller receives a false signal indicating a lower-than-specified air pressure. The controller will illuminate the warning lamp if any tires, including the full-size spare, have low air pressure. Most temporary "donut" spare tires do not have TPMS sensors.