Wheel Alignment: Rear Toe

Rear toe adjustment link.

The toe setting of an independent rear suspension vehicle will affect the vehicle's thrust angle and result in excessive tire wear. In the illustration below, the toe-out setting wore the inside tread of the left rear tire almost bald. Visually inspect the vehicle for a bent or worn component. Manufacturers include a rear toe adjustment on vehicles with independent rear suspension.

wheel alignment rear toe out

Rear toe is checked and set before a front-end alignment is performed. The front toe is the last and most likely angle to require adjustment. Alignment racks display angles in fractions of inches (1/4), but many alignment racks today use degrees (┬░). Toe-in is considered positive toe (+), and toe-out is considered negative toe (-). Adjust the toe by turning a tie rod, adjustable link, or an eccentric cam located at the wheel is adjusted. A vehicle's rear toe setting affects its steering wheel position.