Excessive Camber Angle

Camber chart

Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the wheel as viewed from the front of the vehicle. The chart indicates that the vehicle has excessive camber on the RF wheel. It causes the vehicle to pull to the right because it will pull to the side with the most positive camber, typically when there is over half a degree or more difference between the two.

Camber Tire Wear

Camber is a tire-wearing angle.

Camber is a tire-wearing angle. The outside tread of the tire will show excessive wear if the wheel has too much positive camber, and the inside will wear if it has too much negative camber.

Camber adjustments.

Eccentric cams are added and removed to adjust the camber on short-arm long-arm suspensions. Front-wheel drive vehicles with struts may have a slotted hole on the strut. A cam is slotted onto an eccentric bolt, and turning the bolt inward or outward adjusts the camber angle.