ASE A6 Electrical Practice Test

Sample parking brake warning light circuit

29. The parking brake warning light in the illustration above does not illuminate when the parking brake is engaged. Which of the following is causing this condition?

  • A. An open at point A.
  • B. An open at point B.
  • C. An open at point C.
  • D. A short at point D.


Answer A is wrong. An open at point A or a blown fuse element would affect the entire system.

Answer B is correct. An open at point B, the parking brake switch would result in this condition.

Answer C is wrong. An open at point C or the circuit/connector to the fluid level sensor would result in an unknown brake fluid level in the reservoir.

Answer D is wrong. A short-to-ground in the ground circuit would result in a redundant ground and would not affect the operation of the parking brake warning light.