ASE A6 Electrical Practice Test

Parking Brake Circuit

29. The parking brake warning light in the diagram illuminates even when the parking brake is released. Which of the following is MOST likely causing this condition?

  • A. A short to ground at point C of the diagram.
  • B. An open at point D of the diagram.
  • C. A short to ground at point A of the diagram.
  • D. Resistance at point B of the diagram.
Parking Brake Circuit


Answer A is correct. A short to ground after the load (the bulb) in a ground-controlled circuit illuminates the bulb.

Answer B is wrong. An open in the ground prevents the light from illuminating.

Answer C is wrong. A short to ground before the load would blow the circuit's fuse.

Answer D is wrong. High resistance in the circuit would make the warning light light dimly or possibly not functional at all.