ASE A6 Electrical Practice Test

Parking Brake Circuit

29. The parking brake warning light in the diagram is continuously illuminated. Which of these is MOST likely the cause?

  • A. A short to ground at point C of the diagram.
  • B. An open at point D of the diagram.
  • C. High Resistance at point A of the diagram.
  • D. A short to ground at point B of the diagram.
Parking Brake Circuit


Answer A is correct. A short to ground after the bulb in a ground controlled circuit will illuminate the bulb.

Answer B is wrong. An open in the ground will prevent the light from illuminating.

Answer C is wrong. High resistance in the circuit would likely make the light dim or possibly not functional at all.

Answer D is wrong. A short to ground before the bulb would likely leave the bulb not illuminated at all. A short to ground in a circuit will likely blow the fuse.