Battery Replacement

Replacing a car battery.

Start the process by removing the negative terminal from the negative post. Pull up and twist. If the terminal sticks to the post, don't pry at it and possibly damage the case; use a battery terminal puller instead. Then, remove the positive terminal and the battery hold down.

After cleaning the tray, install the new battery and fasten the hold down. Make sure the terminals are clean and not spaded. A tight connection between the terminal and the battery post is vital. If the terminal fits loose, replace it with a new terminal or cable.

Vehicle ground system.

When removing a battery from a car, disconnect the negative terminal first and then the positive. When reconnecting the old or installing a new battery, connect the positive first and then the negative terminal. This order is to avoid sparks and short circuits. Inspect and test the connections and perform the final starting and charging system checks.

Memory Saver

Today's cars and trucks have several onboard computers. Use a memory saver to retain the memory. To reduce the risk of airbag inflation, check with the manual before using any device like a memory saver.