Brake Warning Lights

Instument panel.
Red Brake Warning Light

There's a difference between the red brake warning lamp and the amber/yellow brake warning lamp. The red (RBWL) lamp illuminates when there's a hydraulic problem, like a low brake fluid level or a loss of hydraulic pressure in one of the brake circuits. It also illuminates if the parking brake is engaged or shorted to ground.

As the brake pads wear brake fluid fills the brake caliper fluid chamber.

It also illuminates if the brake fluid level is low. Low fluid level often indicates that the brake pads have worn and require replacement. As the brake pads wear, brake fluid fills the chamber behind the caliper's piston. It's important to check the system for leaks before filling the reservoir.

Amber Brake Warning Light

Amber ABS Warning Light

The yellow (ABS) warning lamp indicates an electrical problem in the ABS, like the controller or a sensor. A faulty wheel speed sensor will illuminate the yellow (ABS) warning lamp. It's normal if the light remains a little longer at startup while the system initializes and runs its self-test sequence.