Transmission Fluid Check

This sealed transmission has no dipstick.

Most transmissions contain a dipstick, but this is not true for all transmissions. Some are sealed and a special procedure must be followed to check fluid level. Most transmissions contain a dipstick with both hot and cold level markings. Cold is considered at room temperatures of 60° to 80° and hot is 160° to 180°. The vehicle must be on a level surface and the transmission brought to operating temperature.

Some transmissions contain a fluid level check plug or overflow plug instead of a dipstick that must be removed to check the fluid level. Always check with the manufacturer’s specifications for any special procedures that must be performed before proceeding.

  1. Bring the transmission to operating temperature, safely raise the vehicle and remove the plug.
  2. If fluid pours out of the check port the transmission is overfilled. Allow the fluid to drain and the level will self-correct itself.
  3. If a trickle or drip of transmission fluid comes from the port the fluid level is correct.
  4. If no fluid is seen coming from the port the fluid level is probably low, the appropriate fluid must be added and the fluid level adjusted. The level should be at the base of the fluid level check port with just a drip or trickle dripping out.