Electric Blend and Recirculation Doors

(EATC) electronic automatic temperature control system.

Electric blend and recirculation doors are used with (EATC) electronic automatic temperature control systems to control cabin air temperature. A stuck blend door results in the same blend of cold and hot air mixed in the case.

Electric Blend and Recirculation Doors

These motors are reversed by changing the polarity of the wires. Applying voltage to one wire and grounding the other moves the door in one direction. Reversing the polarity of these wires moves the door in the other direction. As seen in the illustration, the blend doors function is to mix cold and heated air in the case to achieve the desired selection.

A five-wire motor contains a potentiometer indicating the blend door's position to the controller. A two-wire motor either opens or closes a door; it does not have the variable door positions of a three or five-wire motor.

Digital multimeter.

When testing these circuits, use a high-impedance multimeter, not a standard test light. A test light may draw too much current, damaging the computer or circuit board. Digital multimeters have little impact on the circuit being tested. There was a day when a test light could be used throughout the vehicle. Today's vehicles contain many onboard computers, and the air conditioning system is no exception. Use care and the proper tool when diagnosing sensitive automotive circuits.