ASE A7 Heating Air Conditioning Practice Test

A/C Climate controls diagram.

14. A technician tests the low-pressure sensor's circuit for continuity. The signal wire between the low-pressure sensor and the electronic climate control module is:

  • A. Green with a yellow stripe.
  • B. Orange with a white stripe.
  • C. White with an orange stripe.
  • D. Orange with a red stripe.
A/C Climate controls diagram 2.


Answer A is wrong. According to the wiring diagram, there is no green wire with a yellow stripe associated with the low-pressure sensor.

Answer B is correct. The signal wire is orange with a white stripe.

Answer C is wrong. The ground wire is white with an orange stripe.

Answer D is wrong. The 5-volt reference wire is orange with a red stripe. Vehicle manufacturers create diagrams of the entire vehicle that can be complex and difficult to sort through, so they're broken down into system-specific diagrams called block diagrams, like the one above.