Alignment Angles and the Engine Cradle

A misaligned or loose engine cradle will affect a FWD vehicle's wheel alignment angles. This is because the engine cradle has the lower control arms attached. Inspect the cradle for damage or excessive wear, especially the lower control arm bushings. These control arms affect the vehicle's alignment angles. A cocked or misaligned engine cradle will affect the camber. Check for doweled pins and alignment holes to align the cradle and frame for proper installation.

Misaligned engine cradle can cause a vehicles steering to pull.

An incorrect camber angle results in excessive steering pull and tire wear. The vehicle will always pull to the side with the most positive (+) camber. Engine cradles can be bent from hitting curbs and parking stops. If a cradle is bent or misaligned even a little, the vehicle’s cradle will need repairs or alignment before performing a wheel alignment.