Free ASE Study Guides, ready for 2014 Fall ASE testing season with eight (A-series) ASE practice tests. Designed by ASE Master Technicians and automotive professionals who have been taking these tests for years and know what to expect. It's true and unfortunate though that many people fail these exams. Most of the time it's because they weren't prepared. The questions on the test are real world and geared toward an industry standard. The answers were not what they expected. These tests are timed and can be difficult.

The good news is it's mostly common sense and most people fail by only a few questions. Amazing! If you improve your score by only a few questions, you pass. We suggest you study. This study guide contains a practice test for the ASE A1 through A8 exams.

There's a Study Tips and Test Format section included and feel free to look around the website. It actually has 9 free practice tests (G1) and is filled with information on the upcoming exams. The site is constantly being updated so expect to see more sample questions and information regarding automotive testing and repair throughout the year. The black navigation bar to the left is linked to each of the eight automotive and light truck ASE practice tests. These eight (A-Series) ASE certifications are required to become an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician.

A Few Great Reasons to Become ASE Certified

Prestige: Becoming an ASE Master Technician brings prestige to your resume. Both customers and employers desire technicians with ASE certifications over those without. You may remember at your last automotive technician position/job interview that the service manager was very interested in your level of certification. There is little doubt the average customer prefers a tech with a patch.

Income: The level of pay in many shops is dependent on your level of certification. It's possible that a shop only hires technicians if they are already certified. There are many master technicians making more money than those without certifications, even when they are equally skilled.

Education: It's always nice to keep up with anything new out there. This keeps a technician fresh, especially those in independent repair shops that are unable to take advantage of the free training programs offered by many dealerships. By the way they can be great, go if you can!

Confidence: When a technician is certified they have much more opportunity to move to a new shop/location if necessary. Even though the new interviewer does not now you, you have something to bring to the table. Actually you have something they may need in their shop today, your ASE Automotive Technician Certification papers. This may give you the confidence, the upper hand, and the position you desire. Actually each certification you bring to the table helps. There are many great techs that have certifications only in specialty fields.

Signing up for MyASE on at the ASE website is a good idea. They will keep you informed of any upcoming tests and provide you with information about all the other tests provided by ASE. They also provide a history of all the ASE certification tests you have previously taken.

ASE Test Registration Information

Computer-based testing is definitely convenient, it's nice to be able to pick your test time and day. CBT - Computer based testing is now the only way to take the ASE tests. There are many great features including:

Immediate test results

Tests are offered for eight months a year

Choose your own testing center and time

More than 300 testing centers in the US and Canada

Both Certifications and Recertification's

ASE Summer test dates range from October 1 – November 30, 2014. Registration is available from September 1 - November 21, 2014. For for more information call the toll free number 1-888-ASE-TEST. Call Prometeric testing centers at 1-877-346-9327.

This ASE study guide was created to help automotive technicians achieve their goals. According to the Department of Labor growth in this field is expected to increase by 14.3%. This is a great outlook! Use these practice tests and other ASE certification training, test preparation sites, and hardback study guides to achieve these valuable automotive ASE certifications.

This is all good news in difficult times. If you take time and study and do some research on any topics that are unclear, your chances of passing are greatly increased. It's well worth the time and effort.